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Being in Prague you have a great opportunity to combine sightseeing with a shopping.What else can cheer you up? A successful purchase! It does not matter if it's classic or sportswear, shoes, expensive accessories , ornaments or small trinkets. The main thing is that you deserve it!In the center of Prague there are a lot of different boutiques and shops.There are also many shopping centers all over the city that impress the imagination with their scope and offered assortment. But the most experienced are outlets. Most popular is Fashion Arena. Which is located within the city near the metro station "Depo Hostivar" - this is the terminal station of the green branch.Here you will find a large selection of sportswear and many moreFor those who want to get the widest choice at very attractive prices, you should go to Munich to the city of Ingolstadt, or to direction of Vienna to the outlet Parndorf. Here you will find exactly what your heart desires, without devastating the family budget. How to get to Parndorf Outlet and Ingolstadt Outlet? Take advantage of our transfer! Our drivers will deliver you to the address as quickly and comfortably as possible. Need a transfer? Trust professionals!

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