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Czech krumlov

Trip to Cesky Krumlov will be a significant . There are so many interesting sights that deserve your attention and time.

You should visit:

-Krumlov Castle
It is considered a model of Medieval architecture listed as a world heritage site. Its arches impress with the scale. On the territory of castle there are many authentic finishes, interior elements and other attributes.

-Mint of the castle
It deserve a special attention. Baroque style with ornate forms and complex design. Coins were minted from the beginning of the 18th century, many of them are exhibited as samples at numerous exhibitions . It's great value for the Czech Republic and Europe.

-City Hall
This buildings hide many secrets. Inside of this hall is an operating institutions. So, it is closed for visiting. But you can look into the basement of the town hall and see the instruments of torture that were used in the Middle Ages.

-Wax Museum
Such museums are always fascinating. tBecause of them you can plunge into the atmosphere of the past or literally touch the famous personalities. This exposition will allow you to visit laboratory of an alchemist or to look into the workshop of an artisan. 

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