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What is interesting in Podebrady ? 

Mineral springs
City to heal medicinal mineral waters. It is a resort of world significance. There are 13 mineral springs , water treatment from sources was combined with several other methods - inhalation, paraffin therapy, aeromassage, etc.

There is a picturesque well-groomed park, many squares. The variety of plant species is amazing. In the resort park from spring to autumn you can find out the time by the flower clock. You can relax in the shade, drink mineral water in the Libnensky colonnade. The decoration of the park is a fountain, the money taken from it is allowed to charity. In the vicinity of the city about a dozen nature reserves. 

Most famous buildings is Poděbrady Castle (about 8 centuries old). The square of King Jiří, the equestrian statue of the medieval ruler of Czech Republic,  ancient church and several medieval buildings.

Cultural life
Despite the diligence and slowness, life in the city is not boring. There are theater / music festivals with participants from different countries, the festival "Barvy léta", concerts of live music, etc.

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