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Transfer to Pardubice

In the center of  Czech Republic is ancient town of Pardubice - a place where almost every building can be called an architectural monument. The city is quiet, calm and  even more attractive for tourists if you tired of bustle, noise, traffic jams and other urban "joys". It is called the city of races - the fact that local racetrack for more than 140 years. City of gingerbreads - for delicious gingerbread.The recipe has been kept secret for a centurys.

You can order  individual transfer from Prague to Pardubice or from neighboring cities. Closest to Pardubice is Prague ,roughly 100 km . A little further is Brno (about 150 km) 

Famous Attractions in Pardubice

Green Gate
It is an ensemble of a portal that lets people get into the city, and a tall tower with a viewing platform. The facade of the tower is unusual, it is decorated with bas-reliefs.

Pardubice Castle
It was a fortress, defending the city from the enemy, today it is a magnificent monument of architecture.

Kutna Hora Castle
It is not in Pardubice but nearby. Age - almost 600 years, rises on the mountain.

Yes,  crematorium is also a tourist attraction. It is more like a villa of a wealthy medieval family than a place where the human body turns to dust.

Brewery Pardubice
More than a century and  half the brewery pleases Czech and foreign fans with an excellent beer. It is a part of the excursions with a tastings.

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