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From Prague to Berlin - what transport to choise
The options for moving from one capital to another are several.Most expensive but  fastest is a plane.Trains and buses run between them it will be cheaper but not too comfortable. You can rent a car but then you have to take care of finding a parking space, buying fuel. Individual transfer is comfortable and good alternative to all existing options. Time is saved, driver is concerned about fuel and parking space. You just enjoying trip.

Berlin attractions that deserve attention

This is not the oldest building in the city but very popular. Make sure to go up to his dome. The glass structure which crowned by reconstructed Reichstag.  More beautiful view is opening from the top.

Brandenburg Gate
It is a symbol of the city. The gates are more than 200 years old but impression is if they were built quite recently. Majestic look with a massive columns and gracing gate of the sculpture of the ancient Greek goddess driving a chariot. Germans are able to cherish their history and architecture ... By the way once Napoleon was so impressed with the beauty of the sculpture that he took it to Paris. But not even ten years have been pass ,Germans won it and get it back.

Charlottenburg Castle
It was built three centuries ago at considerable distance from the city. Berlin all this time was built up and expanded . Today castle and park surrounding within the city limits. Castle is famous with architecture and the fact is that Amber Room was brought to Russia from here. It is about the period when it was presented to Peter I .. You should to see the Porcelain Room.

Berlin Cathedral
Age one of the largest Protestant church is about 150 years. Cathedral is famous with a beautiful exterior decoration.  A lot of graves of the Hohenzollern dynasty and luxurious organ.

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