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5 reasons to visit Hungary :

Unique architecture style
The fact that the styles are intermixed, the architectural appearance is harmonious and interesting. The medieval buildings coexist with the buildings of the Roman Empire and Catholic churches with synagogues and basilicas. In Budapest you will feel like in a  fairy tale.Hungarians preserve unique architectural monuments of antiquity.

Tourist infrastructure :
 Here is everything meets the requirements of tourists. Ranging from the widest choice of accommodation options to an abundance of fascinating excursions and the ability to arrange a variety of leisure activities.

Healing mineral waters
The total number of thermal springs in the capital exceeds eight dozen. You can also improve your health here. By the way, there are a lot of balneological hotels,where  you can visit wellness and SPA procedures without leaving the hotel territory.

Gastronomic establishments
The cuisine of Hungary is quite simple, but it is very tasty and varied.It is a big choise of meat eaters and vegetarians, fans of fragrant baking and delicious desserts. The most famous dishes, food and drinks are Pörckölt, paprikas, lecho, Viennese schnitzel (especially tasty stuffed with brains), Hungarian sausage salami, Debrecen sausages, Tokay wine, Hungarian apricot vodka.

Prices are moderate for almost everything, from quality clothes and shoes, to local products and beverages.

Be sure to go to at least one of the city parks, go up to the mountain Janos, to the Marzipan Museum and Margaret Island. More or less modern entertainment we recommend Budapest Zoo, Palace of Miracles, Oceanarium-Tropicarium and Budapest amusement park.

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