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What is the best time to visit Prague ?

Visiting Czech Republic is in any case a significant event. But it is also important when you are going to come to Prague or any other cities. Question is how exactly you will spend your trip, what atmosphere you will dip in , what kind activities ?

What season is better to visit Prague?

-Spring time this city turns into a real blossoming bouquet. If you prefer long walks in the cool evenings and wish to enjoy the sweet aromas of flowering treeses, then this is the best option for you.
-Summer. Is the high season for tourists. So, you should be ready for the queues.  But most of the sights are open for visits until late in the evening. The air temperature in a summer can reach +35 degrees, but the weather conditions are extremely unstable and often the heat is replaced by heavy rains and cold snaps.
-Autumn. What could be more romantic than strolling through the narrow streets of Prague on a mysterious rustle of leaves. Creating an atmosphere of complete peace and tranquility around.
-Winter. Snow-covered Prague is a spectacular view . The main thing is to dress as warm as possible. It is also worth noting that many of the sights for the winter period are closed or shown on a reduced schedule. But you can compensate these by vewing a beautifull Christmas tree, enjoy the Christmas markets with hot wine .
Basicly doesn't metter what season of the year you prefer. Each of the season allows a completely new look of this city.

How to pick up a transfer in Prague?

It doesn't matter when you decide to come to Prague . Winter or summer. Trips around the city or from and to the airport, business trips. You will be much more comfortable if you book a transfer in Prague. Our clean,comfortable cars will drive youto the hotel, excursion or business meeting place in a few moments.

We pay attention to each  the small details: weather conditions, traffic density, make sure your trip is quick and comfortable for you. We provide comfortable cars, and our drivers have excellent knowledge of the city, they are attentive and polite. And  always ready to share their knowlage about Prague and much more .

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