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Vienna is one of the most visited capitals of Europe, which is not surprising. After all, there really can be an unforgettable vacation. Delicious cuisine, friendly locals and a lot of stunning attractions - that's the whole secret of the popularity of this city.

How to spend time in Vienna is interesting and informative?

-Vienna's Opera. Building of this theater is built in the best traditions of the Renaissance. The most famous performances here every year, like a famous Viennese opera ball which makes an indelible impression of luxury and aristocracy.
-Belvedere Palace. This magnificent architectural park complex with impressive size and chic. On its territory is the national art gallery which presents the works of European artists from the Middle Ages to our days. Also walking at Belvedere you can enjoy the view of elegant fountains and detailed statues of newts and nymphs.
-House of the Hundertwasser. This building is rightly considered one of the most original and magical in all of Austria. In its forms is no symmetry the walls are bent at different angles and the windows are located on several levels. The creator of this house wanted to inform people that a person should live in harmony with nature. 
-Museum of Contemporary Art MUMOK. This place is a real treasure for those who value pop art and new realism. More than 9000 exhibits presented here they will allow us to radically look at the surrounding reality in a new way and go beyond the generally accepted framework.
-Spittelberg. One of the most comfortable areas of Vienna.You can find a restaurant with a national cuisine and buy some souvenirs .

How to solve the issue of transfer to Vienna?

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