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Mysterious Krakow with its ornate streets inspire and make you fall in love with it from the first singh. becaus  of centuries-old history this city can please connoisseurs of antiquity . It is very versatile and bright so , everyone can find entertainment that he likes.

Sights of fabulous Krakow

    Wawel Castle. This ancient building houses is a treasure.For a long time Polish kings lived here. This building is one of the symbols of Krakow. 
    -Kazimierz. One of the districts of Krakow which is rich in original architectural and cultural monuments. Previously this place was intended exclusively for the residence of the Jewish people,that is why many buildings have a different style. Local restaurants offer an extensive and intriguing menu that will make you feel the contrast of Krakow's taste.
    -The Mariatic Cathedral. 
The construction of that Cathedral was more than half of the century. It suppoused  to become the personification of the influence of church. Construction turned out magnificent . Two towers with gilded crowns made especially stern and refined.
    -Krakow Gallery. 
You won't see a picture or statues but you can enjoy a real European shopping. At the territory of this shopping center is many shops, showrooms, workshops etc..

-How to get to Krakow?

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