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Getting to Brno - where to start

Town Hall
It was laid 800 years ago. Becaus of numerous restorations was preserved perfectly. Because of mix from a huge number of styles. At different years it was a court, a prison, a place for storing money, documents, etc.

Area of Vegetable Market
From 13th century, everything was traded here, from pottery and hand-sewn shoes to livestock and poultry. Today they sell baked goods, honey and spices, vegetables and fruits. Interesting as architecture of the adjacent buildings and the main decoration of the square is the magnificent Parnassus fountain in Baroque style.

Square of freedome 
Another medieval square. Once used as a market and today is just a beautiful attraction with the Marian plague pillars.

Monastery of Capuchins
Monastery tomb is open for visitors. There are relics of monks and mummified bodies of aristocrats and townspeople of the city. 

The most interesting is Moravian, City and Technical museums. They collected the most interesting expositions from archeology and ethnology to unique collection of art and the most unusual technique.

Do you remember about the Austerlitz battle which including many history books? It is near Brno, namely in Slavkov settlement. The trip here will be very interesting.

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