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Teplice is not just a city it is a mix of picturesque nature, thermal springs, interesting architecture and rich cultural life. By the way almost 500 years have passed since first spa opened. Even Peter Great was treated with a local waters and several other Russian emperors.Today there are open resort houses which is built a few centuries ago. The abundance of health programs for all ages . Allowe to correct both physical health and psychological and just get relax at spa procedures.

What attracts travelers to this provincial Czech town? it's not only an opportunity to improve the health with a curative waters . This is one of the reasons to get to know the city and not the only one.  You can order a private transfer from Prague to Teplice  for other reasons:

Ski resorts
Near Teplice is a several ski resorts. Just imagine after taking a walk in Prague you can take an individual transfer and drive to any closest resorts (for example one is in Germany, distance from Teplice is only 20 km).  Rent equipment and enjoy skiing. The prices here are ridiculous.

Cultural life
For cultural recreation it is a lot of opportunity -  Philharmonic, theater, House of Culture, art gallery,  cinema,  observatory,  opera house, museums. Quite often interesting mass events - festivals, open-air concerts, etc.

There are several ancient architectural buildings. The oldest one is - a town hall. Was built in16th century  and also a Bernardine monastery of Osek. Interesting is that  ensemble of old and modern buildings looks organically.

Teplice is the picturesque valley of the river and the most beautiful foot of mountain. In town is magnificent Botanical Garden, several luxurious parks and squares, surround is forests and groves.

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