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Hotel overview of Prague

Since Prague is one of the most popular cities in Europe, there are many hotels,hostels,apartments. They all has a different style and at prices. You can choose any of them by your own preferences.You will be able to find a place which will be comfortable for you. We recommend you make a booking reservation at least 3-4 weeks before arrival. So , the choice will be bigger and the prices are cheaper (this article not advertising!) We are reviewing several proposals for accommodation in Prague.
-- Modern Apartment Rybna- Small apartment. Located just few fits from the city center. Interior is laconic and calm. There is everything you need for your comfort: furniture, household appliances, free internet.

Modern Apartment Zitna- At this apartment your mood will be always cheerful. Each room is decorated in bright colors, which will not exactly bore you. Design is bribes you. Modern materials and an abundance of stylish decorative elements add to this hotel individuality.
Queen Bee Apartments- This hotel is made with the best traditions of classical European style. There are no unnecessary details. The interior is warm chocolate colors and all of this is backed by unquestionable practicality and convenience in everyday circulation.
Top Wenceslas Square Apartment- All rooms in this hotel are luxury , beautiful aristocratic furniture, abundance of lamps and textiles allow you to plunge into a true romantic atmosphere.
Chic Central Charles Bridge- This eclectic boutique hotel attracts those who like bold and unusual solutions. Being in you will feel like a real fashionista and a secular person who deserves only the best.
If you book a room at one of these hotels or any other hotel, you need to take care of how to book a transfer from the Prague airport or train station. If you come to Prague from another city in Europe or Czech Republic - we can organize a transfer from any city with a reasonable prices. Transfer Karlovy Vary - Prague, Dresden - Prague, Vienna - Prague are very popular with travelers, as the cost is comparable with the trip on the railway transport, but the comfort and speed is much higher.
We provide cars of various classes - from the classic, economy Octavia to the business class like Mercedes-Benz. Also at your disposal eight-seats minibuses. With us even the longest trip will pass easily and at one's ease. Because :
-individually make a route depending on your wishes
-we monitor the serviceability of our transport;
-we cooperate with professional English-speaking drivers;
-establish the cost of services that is available to every traveler;
-we guarantee that your car will arrive on time;
-quickly respond to any unseen circumstances and solve the problems without disturbing our customers.
With us your journey will be held in such way that you remain truly satisfied. After all, we are working for You !

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