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Transfer to Makhovo Lake

Not far from Prague- 65 km. ThIt was excavated and filled with water in 14th century and was signed by Charles IV. Because of the extravagance of the emperor we got an opportunity to rest on the shore of the most beautiful lake which is also a resort.

Individual transfer to Makhovo Lake from Prague is the best way to get here. You will bepick up from your specify place. Lake is often visited from Prague because of beautiful beaches, swim in the clearest water, breathe clean air.

Things to do

Beach holidays
On local beaches all the attributes of a classic sea beach attractions, water slides, boat rental and water bicycles, umbrellas and sun loungers. You can go on a boat for an excursion. To spent summer time is an ideal place to hide from the heat get sunbath and enjoy a swim.
Volleyball courts, tennis courts are not only entertainment for fans of outdoor activities. You can also ride a horse,  take riding lessons, walk along the grove or along the lake, wander along the hiking trails which is surroundings of reservoir. Rent a bike and go on a bike tour, there are plenty of bicycle paths too.
Winter holidays
Frost lake become a skating rink. And at vicinity of the you have a possibility to  cross-country skiing.
Lake was created specifically for breeding fish . Fishing today is one of the reasons for the attraction of the pond. By the way, fish are caught here for pleasure, most fishermen release it back into the water.
On the shore of the lake is a Doksy and Old Alloys - small resort towns with the entire set of tourist infrastructure. They have attractions (ancient castles, churches, etc.), and cozy cafes and hotels.

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