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In western Austria known Mozart was born here. Salzburg is a city whose oldest part is listed at UNESCO. If you are not a fan of classical music and indifferent about Mozart? This is not an excuse to refuse a trip to Salzburg. The famous musician ofcourse brought to Salzburg a fame.  But the city is interesting with many others things. As many ancient European cities it will attracts with a interesting history full of cultural life, well-preserved medieval architecture. If you have an opportunity to come to Salzburg - come! It is something to be surprise with !

From Czech Republic to Salzburg - what transport to choise?
If it's important to save time and if you are not limited with a money , then there is nothing better than flight. If you time limited then consider a bus, train or car. The advantages of the first two options are questionable. To the departure where is the bus or airport you still need to get there . There is always the risk of delay and even cancellation of the flight. Individual transfer is an option chosen by travelers who appreciate time, comfort and money. The car is served anywhere in the city. The probability of canceling a trip due to the company providing the service is excluded. If the car you select will fail it is always will be an equivalent replacement made.

What to see :
St. Peter's Abbey
Year of construction - 690 (approximately). From the moment of the construction of the Benedictine monastery city began to be actively built up and expanded. Today it is an active monastery. Part of the abbey is available for excursions.

Salzburg Cathedral
Very beautiful and majestic building. It was built early 17th century. Before that here was already a temple but it was destroyed by fire. In 1944 due to bombardments the dome of the cathedral was completely collapsed. In 15 years it was rebuilt.

Mount Kapuzinerberg
The height is just over 200 meters. The mountain is very beautiful , most of it covered with forests. But the main highlight is the Capuchin abbey and a magnificent observation deck. If everything ok with your respiratory system and muscles of legs ,you can be climbed up by the stairs. The second option is a winding serpentine.

Getreidegasse Street
It is often called the heart of the old city. The street is pedestrian. To walk here is a real aesthetic pleasure. Despite the abundance of modern cafes and boutiques, the street retained its medieval charm.

Attractions related to Mozart
These are two houses - in one he was born, the other he was living for a while. For connoisseurs of classical creativity it will be interesting here.

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